Running Gear

Confession: I love running and I love running clothes.  Below is a list of some of my favorite running gear, all in one place for easy access!


Nike Air Zoom Pegasus


I’ve recently added this shoe into my rotation and love it.  It’s lightweight so perfect for speed work but also provides plenty of cushion, so also great for my long runs.

Saucony Triumph ISO


These shoes work well for my recovery runs since they’re highly cushioned but are definitely more ‘shoe.’  Also just an FYI, they tend to give me blisters on runs longer than 5 miles, so I wear them for short runs (but that’s just my experience!).


Lululemon Run Times short

Run Times short

These are my favorite shorts ever!!! They are the perfect length, never ride up, and the wide waistband is super forgiving.

I also love these capris and these tights for cooler weather running.


I am a huge fan of this tank–it’s super duper soft against my skin and is so cute.


I also love this classic tank from Lululemon–I’ve had them for several years and they’ve held up well.  They’re light and breathable, so perfect for summer runs.

If it’s chillier out and I need something warmer, I love this half zip top as well as this reflective one from Saucony.  I’m also a huge fan of this neck warmer.


I love using this water bottle during long runs–it’s not too big and has an extra pocket to fit a gel.

Speaking of gels, I love Gu energy gel, especially in the Espresso Love flavor!  Salted caramel is a close second.

If gels aren’t your jam, I’m also a huge fan of Honeystinger chews.


I am a huge fan of foam rolling!

I’ve been using this Garmin for several years to track my runs and it still holds up well. PSA: sometimes it can be tricky and you have to wait a few seconds or so for it to find a signal, but I still think it’s worth it!

I also love compression socks after a long run or wearing calf sleeves during a long run.

Heads up, chafing sucks during a run, so in order to combat it I swipe Bodyglide under my arms and around my sports bra.  Works like a charm!

I’ll be adding more to this list (cooking tools, cook books, etc.) soon!  Stay tuned!