Weekend Wrap-Up!

Ugh, does anyone else feel like Monday comes way too fast?!  Luckily though, this Monday is 10,000 times better than a typical Monday because my Little Bear is here!  And I’m not at work!

But, backing up to Saturday: I was up bright and early to get my butt kicked at a 7:30 Pure Barre class!

I was talking to the teacher, Michelle, after class and laughed about the fact that each class feels slightly tougher because I’m getting the hang of it more, but at the same time I can feel myself getting stronger.  I’m seriously so in love with it.  I feel like it’s a great workout regardless but super amazing for runners.

After Pure Barre, I straightened up the house to get ready for Little Bear’s arrival Sunday, then Brandon and I were off to Port City Bewery with friends!  I’m normally a wine/bubbly drinker (duh), but I do enjoy a good craft beer. 

We had a great time sampling their beers (Monumental IPA is my fave) and checking out the brewery.   

We stuffed our faces at a local Mexican restaurant after.

Carne asada, yucca, and rice and beans!  Gotta carb it up after a day of beer tasting! Brandon had a hockey game late Saturday night so I spent the remainder of my evening laying on the sofa watching trashy TV.

Sunday morning, we were reunited with our favorite people!!!

We had a little Sunday funday with brunch and beverages, followed by dinner at our favorite local French restaurant.  I ordered the stuffed trout and it was delish.

The remainder of our Sunday was spent watching Trainwreck and hanging out.  I’m so happy to have them here and am going to enjoy our Little Bear girls today today!

Have a great Monday!

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Favorite type of beer?

Bad News Bears+Oiselle Fun!

Welp, if you follow me on the ‘gram, you already know I didn’t get the news I wanted at the podiatrist Friday.  Although nothing showed up on the X-Ray, the doc said the clinical signs all point to a stress reaction/fracture. So what does that mean?  It means 3-5 weeks of no running, elliptical or Pure Barre (major sad face), but I can bike or swim.  After leaving the podiatrist I went home and did a lot of this:

I’m allowed to mope and indulge a little bit!  

My Saturday was pretty lazy and unproductive–ok actually super lazy.  Brandon and I went out with friends Friday night and had a little too much fun, so we spent the majority of the day napping on the sofa.  

Saturday evening, I headed over to the Navy Yard area to cheer on my Oiselle girls at the Pacers beer mile race!  I had originally signed up for this but obviously couldn’t do it with my wonky foot so I had to sit out.  I’m not gonna lie, I was really bummed but it was still fun to meet everyone.  Look at my girls flyin by!

Our team came in second place!  A relay is totally the way to go for a beer mile–I cannot imagine chugging four beers on my own and running a mile.  

We also took a pic with Lewis Kent, the national beer mile champ!

We totally geeked out when he mentioned Kate Grace winning the 800m at the Olympic trials.  Oh btw, this dude chugged his beers in like 5 seconds and ran like a 5:15/mile.  Insane!! 

I also got my medal even though I didn’t participate. 

How fun is it?!  It’s a bottle opener!

I spent the rest of my Saturday evening watching Bloodline and eating these delicious treats (from TJ’s, obvi).

Has anyone else been watching Bloodline?  I’m like halfway through and it’s getting insane!

Sunday morning Brandon and I slept in until like 8:30, then hit the gym.  Here’s my life for the next few weeks:

I’m glad I can still exercise, but the stationary bike has always been my least fave.  I wish I could elliptical, but oh well.

I also took Rusty pup on a little walk since it was so nice out.  Look at this goober.

It’s impossible to get a pic of him looking at the camera.  He always looks away–such a little sassafras!

I refueled afterwards with my fave Sunday combo.

Chocolate protein oatmeal!  Our favorite local coffee shop was closed so we had to settle for Starbies, so soy latte for me.  

We also treated ourselves to a little al fresco dining at our favorite Mexican spot.

Sangria and carne asada for me!

After dinner, I met up with some of my Oiselle girls for drinks!  I was supposed to go to Courtney’s Pure Barre class but canceled after I found out about my stress fracture.  Good thing booze cures all ailments!!  I had so much fun meeting and chit chatting with everyone.

FYI don’t ever ask me to take a selfie.  I suck at them.  My long arms fool everyone into thinking I’m a master, but heads up I’m not.

I spent the remainder of my Sunday evening resting my foot, eating chocolate and watching TV. Perfect way to end the week!

Have a great Monday!

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Have you ever survived a stress fracture?  Worst running injury you’ve had?

Fourth Of July Weekend Fun!

Hi & happy Fourth of July!!  

FYI that’s not how I feel, but I love Dodgeball and found the meme funny.

I’m loving this whole long weekend thing.  I don’t know what it is, but I definitely love having Monday’s off versus Friday’s.  

I had a great weekend filled with running, hanging out with friends, and napping!  And cocktails.  I slept in Saturday morning until 7:15ish, filled up my handheld with Nuun, and headed out on a 5 mile run around Capitol Hill.  I’m so glad I brought my handheld with me this time since it was already pretty warm out.  I chased the shade and sprinklers during my run, and I’m pretty sure people thought I was cray when they saw me just standing there in the grass getting sprayed.  You gotta do what you gotta do during a hot run!  I covered 5 miles just shy of 50:00.

Nothing better than cold fruit after a hot run!

Brandon and I decided to check out a place by us, Bayou Bakery, for breakfast.  We’ve been for drinks and dinner but never breakfast.  As soon as I saw southern style biscuits on the menu I said “We gotta go!”  I opted for yogurt with fruit and granola and a biscuit with jelly.

Because balance.  

Saturday afternoon, we headed over to our friends house a few blocks away for a cookout.  The weather was perfect–dry and warm, but not too hot and a light breeze.  My friend Brigid hooked us up with homemade grapefruit crushes!!

So fresh.  I need to get the ingredients so I can make them on my own.  She just squeezed one whole grapefruit in each glass, then I think a heathy shot of vodka, a little orange liqueur, and a splash of sparkling grapefruit water.  They’re so refreshing and not sweet, and super dangerous!

I prepped a salad to contribute for our cookout.

I threw together butter lettuce, red onion, fennel, dried cranberries, feta, avocado, and cashews.  I was able to hang out with their cute baby girl while enjoying the sunshine.

Isn’t she so stinkin cute?!  

We enjoyed cheeseburgers, chicken sausage, salad and corn while sitting outside watching baseball.

Sunday was cloudy all day, which meant a lazy day for us!  Don’t get me wrong, I love being productive but I also love days where you just lay on the sofa and nap all day.  Oh, we did watch a total throwback movie that was on TV–Kindergarten Cop!

We were cracking up so hard.  I forgot how hilarious that movie is!

Later that afternoon, we headed out to Maryland to have dinner with friends at a restaurant on the water.  It was so fun hanging out with everyone while enjoying some delicious food.  We also hung out for a bit afterwards at our friends’ house.

We didn’t get home until 2:00 am! Too late for this granny!  Hope you all had an awesome weekend, and happy Fourth of July!

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How are you celebrating the Fourth?

I’m Addicted to Wineries

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I know I sure did.  Mine was filled with running, winery fun with friends and the hubs, and grilling out!

Even though it was pretty warm and humid when I woke up Saturday morning, I still opted to take my run outdoors rather than being stuck inside the gym.  I aimed for 5 miles but cut it short at 4.5.

In hindsight, I should’ve brought my handheld with me.  Live and learn!  I’m happy my runs are beginning to feel easier and that my pace is slowly but surely getting back to where it was before my race.  After my run, I hydrated with tropical Nuun.

I love how fizzy that stuff is!  I refueled with a protein smoothie while sitting on our front porch.

With my favorite sidekick of course.

I love sitting outside in the mornings with the paper, a cup of coffee, and my Rusty pup.  Summer vacation is the best!

Saturday afternoon, Brandon, Rusty and I headed to Stone Tower Winery in Virginia with some friends!  Yes I’m aware I was just at a winery a few weekends ago, but what can I say?  I love wine.  Brandon and I were pleasantly surprised by the wines–they were really tasty and pretty reasonably priced.

We bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to share with friends, along with some snacks we brought.  I contributed some Manchego cheese, bourbon fig jam, watermelon, hummus, and crackers.  We had ourselves a nice little feast!

Such a fun time.  Brandon and I would definitely come back to Stone Tower! I think Rusty was tuckered out from all the belly rubs and attention he got at the winery.

Brandon and I enjoyed sleeping in a bit Sunday morning, then headed to the gym.  I had a nice and sweaty 40 minute elliptical session followed by some core work.

After the gym, we hit up Lot 38 for some iced dirty chai lattes, and I enjoyed mine alongside some chocolate protein oatmeal.  Al fresco, obvi.

Oatmeal is just one of those breakfast foods I will never tire of.  

After breakfast, Brandon and I decided Rusty was due for a bath.  We actually only give him a bath like twice a year, but he was feelin a little greasy and his eau de dog scent was a little too strong if you get my drift.  We soaped him up and hosed him off in the backyard.  He was thrilled. 

There aren’t a whole lot of things Rusty dislikes, but baths are one of them, along with walking on top of sewer grates, rain, and the mailman.  Brandon and I always crack up when we’re finished bathing him and he immediately licks himself for like fifteen minutes.  

The rest of our Sunday was spent running errands and grilling out!  I love grilling in the summer time.  Brandon picked up filets at Costco and I prepped a salad and fresh corn.

No better way to end a fun filled weekend!  I hope you all have a great Monday–I’m getting my hair done this afternoon and am super excited, it’s been long overdue!

Share your weekend highlights!

How long does it take you to feel like you’ve gotten your groove back after a running break?

Favorite summer dishes/foods to grill?

Fun with Deb+Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello & happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend relaxing and celebrating Father’s Day.  I had so much fun spending Saturday with my momma–we practically ate our way through DC!

Saturday morning, I headed out for a 4 mile run, but this run was extra fun since I had Brandon by my side!

It was warm out but dry and gorgeous.  Brandon said he enjoyed it and wants to be my running buddy more often!  I cooled off after my run with one of the best fruits ever.

I love cold watermelon after a hot run–so refreshing!  We sat on the porch for a bit with Rusty to cool off, and an ambulance passed near our street.  Brandon captured him mid-howl!

He’s so stinkin cute.  In case you aren’t convinced, here’s a pic of him as Joe Cool.

He cracks me up!  After showering, my momma and I headed to Eastern Market, a local flea/food market a few blocks away.  I love all the fresh flowers they have out.

We decided to grab a light lunch at Senarts, the oyster place nearby.  You know what pairs perfectly with oysters?  Grapefruit crushes!!!

Deb is a huge fan of the grapefruit crush.  If you ever want to come visit DC, I’ll take you and convert you too!

We ended lunch on a sweet note with some beniengts.

Look at that fried dough/powdered sugar combo!  So good.  We had a great mother/daughter day.

That evening, I cooked my dad (technically my stepdad) an early Father’s Day dinner since I knew I’d be gone part of Sunday visiting my dad in Maryland.  I made cashew salmon, roasted asparagus, fresh corn, and picked up a loaf of cranberry bread from a local bakery.

It got rave reviews all around.  I’m so glad I was able to treat him to a delicious meal to show how important he is to me.  

We were up early Sunday morning, and I made a quick smoothie with frozen strawberries, protein powder, avocado and almond milk before heading to Trader Joe’s with Deb!

Yum yum.  There’s nothing better than smoothies for breakfast in the summer.

We didn’t have a ton of time at TJ’s since I needed to hit the road, but my mom picked me up this dip to try.  She raved about it and insisted I try it.  No need to pull my arm!

Oh Mylanta.  This stuff is dangerous.  It has cream cheese and Greek yogurt in it and is freaking delicious with some pita chips.  Get some next time you’re at TJ’s!

After TJ’s, I headed to Maryland to see my dad for Father’s Day.

I treated him to lunch at his favorite Italian place.  It was nice to spend some time with him and catch up.

Sunday evening, my momma cooked the best dinner ever–soft shell crabs, corn, mushrooms, and caprese salad!

OMG so good.  I love soft shell crabs but never make them for myself so I was super excited my momma made them!

I spent the rest of my Sunday prepping for my last two days of work (eek!) and relaxing with Brandon.  Best way to end a fun weekend!  With a glass of wine too, duh.

Hope you all have fabulous Monday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Are you a soft shell crab fan? Brandon gets weirded out by the legs!

Do you enjoy running with your significant other?