South Beach Fun!

I’m back!!  Sorry for the delayed post, I definitely needed an extra day to get myself organized and back on schedule.  Why is coming back from vacation so hard?!  I had such an amazing week in South Beach visiting my parents and spending time with my Little Bear.  We hit up the beach, went out to some amazing restaurants, and enjoyed cocktails in the sun!

It’s obviously amazing and awesome that my parents live right in South Beach, so we were able to both stay with them.  My momma spoiled us with lots of treats!  Check out this little welcome spread she had for us:

All of my favorite treats!! Doritos, garden salsa Sun Chips (best flavor), dark chocolate almonds and coconut cashews!

 She also got us goodies from a local bakery–they had croissants that reminded me of being in Paris!  She served us up those alongside eggs and homemade mango macadamia jam.

Apparently her mail carrier grows mangos and gave my mom 30 of them, so she made lots of jars of different mango jams and a mango coconut bread! 

Little Bear and I enjoyed some shopping on Lincoln Road, an outdoor shopping strip with every store you can imagine, and hit up the beach afterwards.

The weather was awesome pretty much the entire time we were there–even though it was warm there was always a breeze on the beach.  

We also visited my aunt one afternoon and lounged poolside!

Check out the view from the pool balcony.

You can see the downtown Miami skyline in the background.  After getting some sun, my aunt welcomed us to her condo with an insane spread!

She made burrata and heirloom tomato salad, proscuitto wrapped asparagus, mini mushroom turnovers, goat cheese stuffed baby peppers, and cheese and crackers.  SO GOOD.  Then my mom baked cookies and we had champagne and cocktails! 

We went out to some pretty amazing restaurants with my parents, including one place called Cibo where they have a wine angel!  The restaurant has a wall of wine that holds like 3,500 bottles and this lady attaches herself to a harness and goes and gets it!  I totally missed my calling.  

We definitely enjoyed our family dinners.

Oh and fun fact, one of my Little Bear’s talents is she knows how to make napkin boobs and taught my mom how to do it.

My dad was thrilled.

My last night in South Beach included dinner at a Turkish restaurant complete with a belly dancer!

The food and dancing were both incredible.  I’m so happy and thankful I was able to spend time with my family and my Little Bear.

Although I miss them already, I’m happy to be back home with my husband and pup.  

Oh and fun fact–I found $55 on the airport escalator!  I chased the guy down who was in front of me but he said it didn’t belong to him, so I got myself a nice little treat :). 

Hope you guys have a great Tuesday!  

Best vacation you’ve taken so far this summer?

When the last time you got lucky and found money?!

Cabo Trip+Training Round Two!

I’m back from Cabo!  I had the most wonderful, amazing, relaxing vacation with Brandon and although I’m sad to be back already, I’m excited to share pics of our trip as well as my training plan for my next half marathon!

We woke up a little before 4:00 Sunday morning and headed to the airport, and even though we were super groggy we were so excited to be heading to paradise that we didn’t care.  Brandon was upgraded to first class but handed the ticket to me so I could relax–what a gentleman 🙂  Obviously I indulged in some bubbly–hey, it was 5:00 somewhere!


Our flight was seamless and before I knew it, we were at our resort.  We were seriously blown away right when we pulled up–I mean look at this view from the bar!  If you ever go to Cabo, definitely check out the Hilton in San Jose del Cabo!


Our room wasn’t quite ready since our flight arrived early, so we relaxed with some drinks while enjoying the view.  We were excited to check out our room, but I don’t think either of us was prepared for how amazing it would be.  I mean check out our balcony!



I loved our little lounger!  It was perfect for sprawling out in the evenings while stargazing, or in the mornings to watch the sunrise.  Brandon joked our balcony was bigger than his college dorm room, ha!

Also, check out our massive shower!  You could have a party of six in that thing!


We spent our days lounging by the pool and soaking in some rays as well as amazing views of the beach.



The property itself was so gorgeous–it was open and airy, clean, and surrounded by beautiful landscaping.  I loved walking by all of the flowers every morning!


I was also really impressed with the breakfast.  They had a lot of healthy options, including museli, almond milk parfaits, and green juice.


Oh, and I discovered a new favorite drink–a Paloma!  It’s white tequila, grapefruit juice, and fresca.  Apparently the locals favor it over a traditional margarita.


Brandon and I were also impressed by the restaurants on the property.  We had so many great dinners, filled with fresh seafood (the ceviche was on point!) and yummy desserts.

While we did spend the majority of our time sunbathing, we also decided to try out a sailboat/snorkeling trip.  It was so much fun!  It included snacks and lunch, as well as an open bar.  We had mimosas waiting when we boarded the boat, so you know I was already pumped!


We sailed past El Arco (the arch) and were able to hear sea lions on the rocks!


It was a little too windy out to be able to see a lot, but we did see some fish under water.  Brandon couldn’t resist snapping this model-esque pic of me in my mask.


It cracks me up every time I look at it.  We had such a great time, and I totally want to go sailing again!

I felt like our trip went by way too fast, which I guess is a good sign since it meant we were having so much fun.  We spent our last morning watching the sunrise and enjoying our first couples massage.  It was so relaxing, and Brandon gave it two thumbs up.  I’m definitely going to miss this view.


But, as sad as I am our trip is over, I’m excited to get back to my normal healthy routine and to start training for the St. Michael’s half marathon on May 21st!

As I shared in my last post, I teamed up with Laura this training cycle and am really excited.  I only have seven weeks to train, so I’m glad she took all of the guess work out and developed an entire plan for me.  I’ll be running five days a week, which includes several easy runs (anywhere between 9:50-11:00/mile pace), one day that focuses on speed work, Saturday long runs, and Sunday cross training.  I’ll also be keeping up with strength training, as well as ‘prehab’ exercises to keep my legs strong.

Some of the differences with this plan include the fact that I’ll be attempting to do the majority of my speed work outside instead of on the treadmill.  Laura wants me to focus on what ‘moderately hard’ feels like outside, which makes sense.  During my last training cycle, I was more focused on hitting certain paces and the treadmill was easiest for that; however, I think had I done some of those workouts outside, I would’ve had a better sense of what it felt like in real life, if that makes sense.

I also like that my long runs vary between doing them entirely at my easy pace as well as progression style.  That means I’ll start with several miles at my easy pace, then ease into my half marathon pace (9:00-9:05/mile) during the last few miles and hold onto it.  I think mentally this will be tough for me–I was so concerned during my last training cycle that if I didn’t do all of my long runs close to my goal pace I wouldn’t be prepared.  But, that let to some setbacks with injury, so my hope is that these progression-style runs will mimic how I will handle the 13.1 miles next month.  I don’t want to burn out early and have energy left in the tank to push at the end!

I hope you all have a great Monday!  I’m actually off today, so I have an extra day to catch up 🙂  I’ve missed everyone and am glad to be back!

Have you ever done any progression-style long runs? Thoughts?

Favorite tropical vacation you’ve ever been on?

Share your weekend highlights!