Five: A Random Blog Survey

Hello & happy hump day!  Fun fact: I love surveys!  I think they’re so fun, and a great way for other people to get to know me (I’m pretty much an open book).  I saw this a while back on Anne’s blog, and thought it would be fun to do 🙂  Feel free to play along!

Five_ A Random Blog Survey

Five Movies I Can Watch On Repeat

  • Breakfast Club
  • Sandlot (don’t be an L-7 weenie)
  • Harry Potter
  • Home Alone (both of them, obvi)
  • Stepbrothers

Five Things I Eat Every Day 

  • Protein Oatmeal
  • Chocolate.  Especially dark chocolate.  Or a Reese’s cup (don’t judge)
  • Almond butter (best brand on the planet!)
  • Avocado
  • Greens

Five Places I’d Love to Visit 

  • Italy
  • Yellowstone
  • Spain
  • Napa (hello, you drink wine all day!)
  • Bora Bora


Five Favorite Memories 

  • Summers in Ocean City with my cousin.  We would spend like two weeks every summer at my Grammy’s condo, where we would play on the beach and swim in the pool until as late as we wanted, ate all the ice cream we wanted, and stayed up late watching Nick at Nite.  If you never watched Are You Afraid of the Dark I feel sorry for you.
  • Pledging a Sorority.  I went to a teeny tiny private college in Delaware, and we only had (at the time) local sororities and fraternities.  I wasn’t a huge fan of them my freshman year, always telling people I didn’t need to “pay for my friends.” One of the girls was in a class with me and I really liked her, and she encouraged me to just come meet everyone during rush week.  I did (with my best friend) and am so happy I did.  I became close with girls I never would have even spoken to and had some great bonding moments!


  • Summer Camp.  Ok so I may have cried for like a week when my parents sent me to an all girls overnight camp for two weeks in West Virginia when I was nine, but it was honestly one of the greatest experiences ever, and I continued to go every summer up until I was about sixteen.  I learned how to ride horses, make friends, and be independent.  It was also where I learned to shave my legs for the first time, so there’s that.
  • Finishing My First Half Marathon!  I signed up on a whim to complete a half marathon by my 30th birthday, not thinking it would be something I’d be interested in doing again.  I loved pushing myself and the feeling of accomplishment I got after crossing the finish line.  Definitely a proud moment for me!


  • Our Wedding Day.  I saved the best one for last!  Brandon and I had a small (less than 100 people) wedding in southern Maryland on the water.  We had our closest family and friends by our side and it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Five Healthy Food Swaps 

  • Mashed Avocado.  I love using 1/4 smashed avocado on bread for sandwiches in place of mayo.  It’s creamy, yummy, and filled with healthy fats.  Brandon loves it too!
  • Cashews/Other Nuts.  Whenever I have a salad for lunch (which is almost every day) I need it to have a ‘crunch factor,’ but croutons or bacon bits (delicious as they may be) aren’t the healthiest option.  I love adding a handful of roasted unsalted nuts to salads for a healthy crunch option.
  • Sparkling Water.  I used to be a huge diet soda addict.  I love water and drink a ton of it (at least half my body weight in ounces), but sometimes I miss the feeling of a bubbly drink.  And it’s frowned upon to drink champagne at work, so I started drinking sparkling water.  I love La Croix brand, especially the passion fruit flavor!
  • Nutritional Yeast.  Sounds nasty, I know, but it’s really delicious!  I use it in place of parmesan in pasta dishes all the time and love the taste.  And Brandon loves it too!  I feel like if I keep saying he loves it then more people will be convinced, ha!
  • Protein Powder (vs. flour).  I don’t do this all the time (you can’t with all recipes), but I have swapped out plain all purpose flour for protein powder in baking recipes in order to get more nutritional bang for my buck.

Five Favorite Beauty Items 

  • Dermalogica Cleansing Oil.  I have one of the most oiliest/combination skin faces on the planet and I swear by this stuff.  I know, it sounds weird to use oil on oily skin, but it works wonders!  I use it on dry skin before I wash my face at night and it leaves my skin so soft.
  • Lush Moisturizer.  You guys know I love Lush products.  They’re my jam.  My favorite is their Imperialis face moisturizer–perfect for combination skin!
  • Dove Men’s Deodorant.  I’m not a huge fan of anti-perspirants because they stain my clothes, but I have such a hard time finding women’s deodorants that are just deodorants and work well.  So, I started using Brandon’s!  It works wonders–I never have to reapply and it doesn’t have a super manly smell.
  • Nivea Milk & Honey Lip Balm.  This is the only lip balm I have consistently used.  It goes on so smooth, leaves my lips soft all day, and doesn’t have a weird smell or taste.
  • Maybelline Full n Soft Mascara.  I’ve tried tons of mascaras and always come back to this one.  It’s cheap, doesn’t clump, and looks natural.

Five Favorite TV Shows 

  • House of Cards.  I’m almost finished with the fourth season, so don’t tell me anything!
  • Narcos.  I didn’t think I’d like a show almost entirely in subtitles, but I was hooked!
  • Bloodline.  Kyle Chandler is my man.  And I clearly heart Netflix.
  • The Royals.  I have to have at least one guilty pleasure!  I don’t know what it is about this trashy show, but it’s so juicy!  At least Brandon doesn’t hate it as much as the Kardashians.
  • Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  This show makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts!

Now you’re up!  Pick a category (or from several) and share your answers!