Foot Update+Weekend Plans+Running Thoughts

Happy Fri-Yay!  I just realized the title of this post is sort of a mouthful, but I guess I just knew I was going to discuss a couple different things, so oh well!

This week has consisted mostly of me adjusting back to the real world after my vacation, as well as getting back to my regular workout and healthy eating routine.  Not that I ate super unhealthy in South Beach, but I definitely had more cocktails than I typically do and I think just eating out all the time gave me a little bit of post-vacation bloat.


I’m on it Ryan!  I’ve been enjoying my green protein smoothies for breakfast, which is perfect on these days that feel like it’s 5,000 degrees outside.

Foot Update:  So I’m at the three week mark today of no running and I can feel a noticeable difference in my foot.  I don’t feel any tightness on the top of my foot where the stress reaction is and I don’t feel any pain when I walk.  My podiatrist said to rest it for 3-5 weeks so technically I can start running now, but I think I’m going to play it safe and just rest it for another twoish weeks.  I’m alternating biking and the elliptical, and taking Pure Barre three days a week.  Anyone have any tips for how to safely ease back into running?? I think I get overzealous and don’t want to do too much too soon.  That seems to be a recipe for disaster for me!  And I’m impatient.

Weekend Plans: Brandon and I have some fun stuff on our agenda for this weekend!  I’m taking Pure Barre Saturday morning, then we’re heading to Port City Brewery in Virginia for some brewski tastings.  I also need to go bathing suit shopping–the one I brought to South Beach is basically on it’s last threads and I had to hold the bottoms up when I was in the ocean.  I haven’t gone bathing suit shopping in forever, but I’m thinking I’ll use the money I found at the airport towards a new swimsuit!

ALSO MY LITTLE BEAR IS COMING TO DC SUNDAY!!!!!  Her husband has to come for work and asked if she wanted to tag along!  They’ll stay with us Sunday and Monday night before heading back to Dallas.  I’m so excited to see her again so soon!  Brandon and I actually had dinner with her dad (he lives in Maryland) last night, which was so fun.

Running Thoughts: Yes even though I’m not running I think about it often.  I think about how it’s going to feel when I get back out there and have a lot of ‘what if’s’ in my head. What if I don’t get back to my usual pace?  What if I feel tenderness or pain and my foot never goes back to normal?  What if I can never run again?  I know this all seems dramatic, but I’ve never had to rest from an injury this long and there are moments where it really psychs me out.

Thankfully my Pure Barre & brewery fun should take my mind off of all the running stuff this weekend!  Oh AND fun fact: a new women’s workout apparel store has opened four blocks from me and they sell Oiselle!!  I’m envisioning all the cute running/Pure Barre workout clothes I’m going to buy.

Have a great weekend!

What’s on your weekend agenda? Any runs?  I can live vicariously through you!

Were you a paranoid mess when you returned from an injury?

How To Stay Mentally Strong During An Injury

So as I mentioned Monday, my sports podiatrist confirmed I do indeed have a stress reaction on my second metatarsal.  I’m forbidden to run for at least 3-5 weeks, perhaps a tad longer until I’m able to walk completely pain-free.  I’m not even a full week into resting from running yet, and I’m already starting to feel the mental side effects of this injury.

As runners, we all know so much of the sport is mental anyway–you have to mentally push yourself all the time during tough speed workouts and races, when your legs want to quit and you just want to lay down and drink a glass of wine (maybe that’s just me, don’t judge!).  But you also have to find ways to stay mentally strong during times of injury as well.  Here’s what I’m doing to stay mentally strong and not go insane while I’m resting:

1. Strength Train!  I love strength training in general, but it definitely takes a backseat when I’m focused on running and building up my base.  I’m grateful that I have access to a gym and am able to go in the mornings and pump some iron.  Here’s an article about why strength training is so important for runners, especially when it comes to staying injury-free and being a well-balanced athlete.

2. Trying New Workouts.  I mentioned my new love for Pure Barre last week, and I was initially bummed when my podiatrist said no Pure Barre while I’m resting.  However, my running buddy/teammate Courtney asked the instructor at the studio if they would be able to accommodate and adjust moves for my specific injury and they said yes!  I’m taking a class Thursday morning and can’t wait to be back at the barre.  It’s such a great toning workout regardless, but I find it to be super helpful for me because so much of the class is focused on your glutes, hips, and core which are the areas I need the most work on.

3. Focusing On Nutrition.  Just because I’m not running doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be fueling my body differently.  Yes I may not need as many calories (although I’ve never counted calories anyway), but being injured isn’t an excuse to not pay attention to what I’m eating.  I’m trying my best to make sure I stay adequately hydrated, am eating plenty of greens and whole foods, and staying away from excessive amounts of sugar.  Just don’t ask me to give up my nightly piece of dark chocolate or I will punch you (not joking).  I also started taking vitamin D3 supplements to aid in bone health, in addition to my multivitamin.

4. Enjoying The Small Things.  I know this may sound silly, but when Rusty had his surgery last year on his ACL, he was still his usual happy-go-lucky sweet self, even though he had staples in his leg and a cone around his head.  He still was happy to go on walks and get belly rubs despite his setback.  Not saying I need/want belly rubs, but his surgery helps keep things in perspective for me–just because I can’t run doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy all the other things I’m able to do, like strength and cross train, go to Pure Barre, and enjoy walks with my pup!

5. Be Social!  Being injured doesn’t mean you have to sit around by yourself and mope.  Sure, you may feel sad and defeated and it’s okay to take time to yourself and feel all of those emotions, but I can tell you I feel better getting out of the house and socializing with friends/teammates.  I still went to cheer on my Oiselle girls at the beer mile, and went to happy hour after a Pure Barre class I couldn’t attend.  Just being able to interact and socialize made me feel ten times better!

Additional tips for staying mentally tough during an injury/setback?

It’s Half Marathon Weekend+Birthday Treats!

Well, St. Michael’s Half Marathon weekend is here!  I’ve missed several days of training runs (but cross-trained to keep my fitness level up) due to a tight calf/foot pain, so we shall see how this race goes on Saturday.  On top of that, it’s supposed to rain the entire time.  However, I have run a half marathon in steady rain before, and I’ll do it again and give it my best shot.  I’m so excited to have both Brandon and my momma cheering me on!

I did an easy 2 mile run yesterday morning just to test out my foot, and I wasn’t in any pain but I still felt it, if that makes sense.  I have my pre-race nutrition nailed down, and Laura and I came up with a race day strategy, so I already feel better knowing I have a plan going into it.  The plan is to run the first 3 miles at a conservative pace, ease into my goal pace from miles 3-10, then push at the end.  If anything hurts (like more than just an ‘I’m exhausted’ hurt), I’ll ease up.  At least I know everyone else out there will be racing in the same conditions at me, so we’re all up against the less than ideal weather.

On a positive note, I got some super fun birthday treats!!  Brandon got me a beautiful pair of emerald (my birthstone) and diamond earrings.

They’re seriously so gorgeous!  Also, as you know, I’m now a member of the Oiselle Volee team and am a huge fan of their gear.  My momma hooked me up with a pair of their Embossed Toolbelt Rogas and I love them!  They don’t poof out at the sides, are super lightweight and comfy, and have three pockets!  I’m all about the pockets.  She also bought me a pair of the Saucony bullet shorts.  Why is running gear so amazing?

Speaking of running gear, I hooked myself up with a pair of new shoes, because why not?!

The Saucony Triumph ISO 2’s!  I’ve had good luck with Saucony in the past, and the cushioning in these feels so good on my tootsies, but the shoe itself doesn’t feel clunky or heavy.  This is also the first time I’ve gotten running shoes a full size up, versus a half size.  I’m actually glad I tested shoes out after work, when my feet are more swollen than first thing in the morning.  I wish I could wear them Saturday for my race (along with my new shorts!), but I know that’s probably not smart so I’ll suck it up and wait to play with all my new gear until after.

Oh, random and fun fact I just found out–season 2 of Bloodline will be released onNetflix on 5/27!  I cannot wait to binge that bad boy.  Love me some Kyle Chandler.

 Brandon and I are heading down to St. Michaels this afternoon to pick up my bib–then it’s time to relax, eat, and rest up for race day! I’m sure it’ll be an interesting one and I’m looking forward to recapping it for you guys!  

Have a great Friday & weekend! 

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Have you ever raced in the rain before? Any advice?

Are you as obsessed with Bloodline as I am?!

Weekend Wrap-Up+Surprise Party!

I had such a great weekend!  First of all, Deb is in town, and on top of that, Brandon threw me an amazing surprise birthday party Saturday!  

Let’s back up to Saturday morning–I decided to go ahead and try my last long run, an 8 miler, that morning.  My foot has been feeling better (not quite 100%), and if I felt pain I told myself I’d stop and cross train instead.  I woke up around 6:00 and ate a banana, filled my handheld with Nuun, and set out for my favorite path, the Mt. Vernon trail.

The sun was out, which was amazing since we’ve had two weeks straight of rain.  I’m not even lying.  I felt pretty good once I started out, and my miles were around 10:15-10:30/pace.  The second half was a bit of a struggle. I don’t know if it’s because the temps were warmer and I didn’t have much shade, but my pace slowed considerably, and it just felt hard.  Obviously I was worried at the end of that run, because if those paces feel hard, how the heck am I supposed to be able to run faster than that for my race?  Here’s my overall stats:

I stopped at my fave local coffee shop afterwards to pick up dirty chai lattes for everyone, then my mom and I lounged around for a bit before heading out to Maryland.  My mom wanted to go to Target and Total Wine–little did I know she was stalling and keeping me out of the house while Brandon was setting everything up!  I couldn’t figure out why she was going up and down every single freaking aisle in the stores! 

When we finally got home, I opened up the door and saw all my friends and family there, yelling “Surprise!”  I was in so much shock and just so overwhelmed.  Brandon had the party catered and had decorations hanging up and everything.  It was the sweetest, most thoughtful thing ever.

I can’t thank my sweet husband enough!

I had the best time hanging out with everyone and dominating flip cup!  I am incredibly blessed and thankful.

Brandon and I slept in Sunday until close to 9:00, and we all lounged around the house, enjoyed the pumpkin spice baked oatmeal my momma made.  Later on, we went to my local running store to talk about some light stability shoes vs. orthotics (I don’t think I’m going to do orthotics, I really didn’t care for the feel), then hit up Trader Joes! 

That evening, I treated my mom go a belated Mother’s Day dinner at one of our favorite local French restaurants, Montmartre.  I love that place–it’s cozy and the food never disappoints.  We shared an English pea soup and a kale salad with quinoa, grapefruit and avocado to start.

Followed by steak tartare–they have the best I’ve ever had!

Then mussels for dinner!

I had such a nice time having a girls dinner with my momma.  I miss her when she’s gone.

Sunday night was spent having wine while spending time with my momma!  I hope you guys have a great Monday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Do you like surprises?

Have you ever had long runs that just feel harder than normal?

Friday Faves+Deb Is Coming+Foot Update

Whew, I feel like that title is a mouthful!  But I needed to cover all the bases.  First off, happy Friday!  I’m so freaking excited because my mom flies in this afternoon and will be in D.C. a little over a week.  I can’t wait to spend some time with her–she’ll be here to celebrate my birthday (heads up it’s Tuesday!) and spectate my race!  My momma and I always have the best time together.  We love wandering around Eastern Market, AKA going into all the food shops and eating goodies!

These past two weeks have been a bit of a struggle for me as far as running/training goes. It’s made me cranky and mopey and I don’t like it.   As you know, I’ve been going to my PT twice a week, and he recently started doing both dry needling and Graston on my calf. Heaven help me.  It does not feel fun, but I have noticed my calf and foot are starting to feel looser.  Also, I think PT needs to stand for Personal Torture. He wanted me to stick to the elliptical/bike until my race since I said I feel ready for my race aerobically, but I cheated and decided to run with some of my Oiselle teammates Thursday morning, Caitlin and Courtney!


I just couldn’t stand the idea of doing the elliptical again, and Laura said if I woke up and my foot was feeling up to it, I could try 3 very easy miles so that’s exactly what I did.  I still feel a little stiffness/tenderness in my heel pad area but it’s noticeably better, and I was happy to be outside chatting and running, despite the humidity.  Also, let’s talk about the fact that I’m super pale in that pic because we haven’t seen sunshine in like two weeks and I’m convinced I have a Vitamin D deficiency.  I need a spray tan.

My plan after my race is to hit up my favorite local running store (the manager is a Oiselle runner too! and super nice) to re-evaluate my shoe situation.  I’ve always run in neutral running shoes, but after looking back at some race pics from last year and the wear pattern on my shoes, I’m thinking I overpronate more than I realized, particularly on my right side which is where I’ve had issues in the past.  Has this happened to anyone else–where your running pattern/stride has changed and you’ve switched your style of running shoes? Either way, I love shoe shopping so this will give me an excuse to try on some new shoes.

And now onto some things I’m loving!

1. My Students.  I can’t believe my 8th graders are going to be leaving me next month.  I get to work with some awesome middle schoolers who make me laugh on a daily basis–and sometimes make me want to pull my hair out, let’s be honest.  But I love that I’m able to watch them grow and mature, and I’ve become close with several of them.  I can’t imagine not seeing some of them next year–it makes me sad to think about it, but hopefully I’ve had as much of an effect on them as they’ve had on me.

2. Lush ‘Vanishing Cream’ Moisturizer.  I don’t know about everyone else, but my skin needs change from winter to spring/summer, and I need a lighter moisturizer for my combination skin as the weather gets warmer and the humidity plagues DC.  Last time I went to Lush, the lady gave me a free sample of the vanishing cream moisturizer, and I love it.  It’s lightweight, doesn’t smell funny, and moisturizes but doesn’t make me feel greasy or break out.


3. Bermuda Shorts.  I treated myself to a Stitch Fix this month as a birthday present to myself, and I was pleasantly surprised by the pair of turquoise colored Bermuda shorts my stylist sent.  I never thought I’d like that style (I love showing off my legs, I’ll be honest), but they’re super cute and lengthening.  And, bonus: the longer style means I can wear them to work!  These are the ones they sent:

Cute right?!  

I hope you guys have a great Friday the 13th & weekend!  I have my last long run on the agenda–8 miles easy–which I’m planning on running unless my PT tells me my foot will fall off.  Then it’s taper time! 

What’s on your weekend agenda?

Have you ever switched from a neutral to light stability/guidance shoe or vice versa?