Friday Faves: Beauty Edition

Hello & happy Friday!  It’s been a bit of a rough week for me–my runs have felt slightly ‘off,’ and I have a soreness on one side of my mouth that’s leading me to believe I need my bottom wisdom tooth pulled.  Yuck.  I had two teeth pulled when I was a little kid and that experience was so traumatic for me, so I’m reallllllllly hoping the soreness is due to something else.  Fingers crossed!  I hate going to the dentist!!!!!!


Here’s how my workouts have looked so far this week:

Monday: elliptical & lower/upper body strength training plus core work.

Tuesday: 4 mile run.

Wednesday: 3.5 mile tempo run.

Thursday: 4 mile slow run.  My mouth was really hurting that morning, my legs felt like lead, and I just couldn’t get into my groove.

Friday: Rest/light elliptical.

I’m planning on doing a longer run Saturday before I head to the beach for my work BFF Erin’s wedding!  We’ll see how my mouth feels and if I’m up for it.  I won’t push it and will listen to my body.

Anyways!  I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite beauty items that I use on a daily basis!  Some I’ve listed before in previous posts, like my favorite face washprimer, and moisturizer.  Here’s some of my fave makeup items!

1. Nars Blush in ‘Orgasm.’  love this blush!  I’ve hard a hard time in the past finding the right blush for my skin type, especially considering how my face is paler in the winter and gets more color in the summer.  This blush works well on any skin tone and is the perfect shade of peachy-pink.


2. Maybelline Full n’ Soft Mascara.  I always end up coming back to this mascara.  I’ve tried different ones in the past, including fancy designer ones, and this one is still my favorite.  I hate mascaras that flake or make my eyelashes brittle.  Not a good look.  This mascara goes on smooth and actually makes my eyelashes feel soft (if you couldn’t tell by the name).  Bonus: it’s only like five or six bucks!


3. Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation.  Ok so I definitely splurged on this foundation.  I stayed away from liquid foundation in the past because of my combination skin, but this stuff is a game changer.  It blends perfectly and isn’t greasy at at all.  I actually don’t wear it all over my face and instead use it just to cover any red areas, like under my nose.


4. Mary Kay Eyeliner.  I typically don’t wear eyeliner during the week, but I do for a night out.  I discovered this eyeliner at a Mary Kay party and it’s the only one I use.  Even though it’s a pencil, the tip is soft due to the built-in sharpener and it glides on nice and smooth.  I love the dark brown, purple, and bronze colors for my blue eyes.


5. Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray.  This product is genius.  Genius!!  Especially if you’re like me and have oily/combination skin and your makeup comes off half an hour after you’ve put it on.  You just spritz this stuff a couple times over your face after you’ve put makeup on, and it sets everything and helps control shine.  It’s like hairspray for your face!


I hope you all have a great Friday/weekend!  Cross your fingers for me that I don’t need my tooth pulled!!!!!

What’s the one beauty product you can’t go without?

Favorite beauty product to splurge on?

Have you ever had a wisdom tooth pulled?  Am I going to survive?!?!