Foot Update+Weekend Plans+Running Thoughts

Happy Fri-Yay!  I just realized the title of this post is sort of a mouthful, but I guess I just knew I was going to discuss a couple different things, so oh well!

This week has consisted mostly of me adjusting back to the real world after my vacation, as well as getting back to my regular workout and healthy eating routine.  Not that I ate super unhealthy in South Beach, but I definitely had more cocktails than I typically do and I think just eating out all the time gave me a little bit of post-vacation bloat.


I’m on it Ryan!  I’ve been enjoying my green protein smoothies for breakfast, which is perfect on these days that feel like it’s 5,000 degrees outside.

Foot Update:  So I’m at the three week mark today of no running and I can feel a noticeable difference in my foot.  I don’t feel any tightness on the top of my foot where the stress reaction is and I don’t feel any pain when I walk.  My podiatrist said to rest it for 3-5 weeks so technically I can start running now, but I think I’m going to play it safe and just rest it for another twoish weeks.  I’m alternating biking and the elliptical, and taking Pure Barre three days a week.  Anyone have any tips for how to safely ease back into running?? I think I get overzealous and don’t want to do too much too soon.  That seems to be a recipe for disaster for me!  And I’m impatient.

Weekend Plans: Brandon and I have some fun stuff on our agenda for this weekend!  I’m taking Pure Barre Saturday morning, then we’re heading to Port City Brewery in Virginia for some brewski tastings.  I also need to go bathing suit shopping–the one I brought to South Beach is basically on it’s last threads and I had to hold the bottoms up when I was in the ocean.  I haven’t gone bathing suit shopping in forever, but I’m thinking I’ll use the money I found at the airport towards a new swimsuit!

ALSO MY LITTLE BEAR IS COMING TO DC SUNDAY!!!!!  Her husband has to come for work and asked if she wanted to tag along!  They’ll stay with us Sunday and Monday night before heading back to Dallas.  I’m so excited to see her again so soon!  Brandon and I actually had dinner with her dad (he lives in Maryland) last night, which was so fun.

Running Thoughts: Yes even though I’m not running I think about it often.  I think about how it’s going to feel when I get back out there and have a lot of ‘what if’s’ in my head. What if I don’t get back to my usual pace?  What if I feel tenderness or pain and my foot never goes back to normal?  What if I can never run again?  I know this all seems dramatic, but I’ve never had to rest from an injury this long and there are moments where it really psychs me out.

Thankfully my Pure Barre & brewery fun should take my mind off of all the running stuff this weekend!  Oh AND fun fact: a new women’s workout apparel store has opened four blocks from me and they sell Oiselle!!  I’m envisioning all the cute running/Pure Barre workout clothes I’m going to buy.

Have a great weekend!

What’s on your weekend agenda? Any runs?  I can live vicariously through you!

Were you a paranoid mess when you returned from an injury?


3 thoughts on “Foot Update+Weekend Plans+Running Thoughts

  1. Tia says:

    I would say try to do run walk intervals. That way you can gradually build the amount of running time on your feet instead of just running all the miles at once.


  2. Amanda says:

    I agree with run/walk intervals. I had to take a long time off from running (like 2+ years). I was finally able to start running again this past February and I eased back into with run/walk intervals. As much as I prefer to run outside, I found the treadmill best at first b/c it helped control my pace and it was easier to time the walk v. run intervals. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to run continuously and it didn’t take too long for my pace to return to what it was previously. And that was after 2+ years of no running! You should have no problem getting back to your former running self after just a 3-5 weeks off…although I totally understand how just 3-5 weeks feels like FOREVER when you just want to run already.

    Glad your foot is better! Enjoy the weekend…sounds fun!


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