Winery Fun+Power Outage

I am not happy.  Like, I am legit frustrated and crabby.  My weekend started off awesome and then Sunday night, the power decided to go out and it hasn’t fully come back on.  I’m over cold showers, not being able to dry my hair, and having my AC go in and out.  The stupid power outage is also why I was late with my Monday post, so cut me some slack! 😉

Saturday morning I decided to do a 3 mile run around my neighborhood before heading to Bull Run Winery in Virginia for my friends birthday.  It was already pretty muggy out by 7:00, but I was just happy to be outside and not stuck on the elliptical!  You can tell how hot it was outside by the sweaty hand pic, ha!

I know it’s going to take a little time to get my pace back to where it used to be, especially now with the temps rising.  I would much rather run in freezing temps than humidity!  After I took my (hot) shower, I refueled with a mixture of cottage cheese and a Fage carrot ginger yogurt (SO GOOD!) topped with blueberries and pistachios.  Hit the spot!

And yes I ate it straight out of the container.  Less dirty dishes!  I wanted something cold but didn’t have all my smoothie ingredients, so that worked out perfectly. I also need to hop back on the overnight oats train!  Love that stuff, I just always forget to make it ahead of time!  As I said, I headed to Bull Run Winery for a birthday get together that afternoon and it was so much fun!  The scenery was beautiful and everyone had fun, despite the blazing temps!

They had some delicious wines and we picnicked outside in the shade with cheese and crackers, fruit, and hummus.  FYI bringing food and bottles of water is always a good call when spending the day at a winery.  Hydrate or die!

Saturday evening, one of my work BFF’s came to DC and we had a little girls night out dancing!

Note to self: Maybe it’s not the best idea to go out after spending all day at a winery.  You may not feel your best the next morning.  We decided to hit up Matchbox for brunch, and I polished off a pizza with chicken, portobello mushrooms and roasted red peppers.  So good!  Also, you know I’m really not feelin’ it when I don’t order a mimosa!

I spent the rest of my Sunday doing some laundry and lounging on the sofa.  Good thing I did laundry during the day, because the power cut off that night and I can’t use my washer/dryer, stove, or microwave.  Or take a hot shower!!!!!  Hopefully my power is restored by my next post, otherwise I may lose my mind!

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Longest you’ve had to go without power? Best way to keep yourself entertained?!

Are you an overnight oats fan?  Fave recipe?




6 thoughts on “Winery Fun+Power Outage

  1. SuzLyfe says:

    Solution: go drink more wine. We had the power out for 4+ days after a big storm and then a tree falling into our house. You better believe we had to throw everything out of the fridge! Good luck!


  2. Sam @ See Sam Run says:

    Sorry to hear about your power outage! I lost hot water at my place a week after moving in and it was horrible! I definitely would have drank a good amount of wine if it hadn’t come back on the next morning!


  3. Amanda says:

    Power outage?! BOO! At least you had a fun weekend before the power outage! Running + wine + pizza + good times with good friends = yes please!

    I love overnight oats! Fave recipe is pretty simple…oats, peanut butter or almond butter, banana, and almond or soy milk…yum!

    Weekend highlights included running and sushi!


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