I’m Addicted to Wineries

Hi guys!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  I know I sure did.  Mine was filled with running, winery fun with friends and the hubs, and grilling out!

Even though it was pretty warm and humid when I woke up Saturday morning, I still opted to take my run outdoors rather than being stuck inside the gym.  I aimed for 5 miles but cut it short at 4.5.

In hindsight, I should’ve brought my handheld with me.  Live and learn!  I’m happy my runs are beginning to feel easier and that my pace is slowly but surely getting back to where it was before my race.  After my run, I hydrated with tropical Nuun.

I love how fizzy that stuff is!  I refueled with a protein smoothie while sitting on our front porch.

With my favorite sidekick of course.

I love sitting outside in the mornings with the paper, a cup of coffee, and my Rusty pup.  Summer vacation is the best!

Saturday afternoon, Brandon, Rusty and I headed to Stone Tower Winery in Virginia with some friends!  Yes I’m aware I was just at a winery a few weekends ago, but what can I say?  I love wine.  Brandon and I were pleasantly surprised by the wines–they were really tasty and pretty reasonably priced.

We bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc to share with friends, along with some snacks we brought.  I contributed some Manchego cheese, bourbon fig jam, watermelon, hummus, and crackers.  We had ourselves a nice little feast!

Such a fun time.  Brandon and I would definitely come back to Stone Tower! I think Rusty was tuckered out from all the belly rubs and attention he got at the winery.

Brandon and I enjoyed sleeping in a bit Sunday morning, then headed to the gym.  I had a nice and sweaty 40 minute elliptical session followed by some core work.

After the gym, we hit up Lot 38 for some iced dirty chai lattes, and I enjoyed mine alongside some chocolate protein oatmeal.  Al fresco, obvi.

Oatmeal is just one of those breakfast foods I will never tire of.  

After breakfast, Brandon and I decided Rusty was due for a bath.  We actually only give him a bath like twice a year, but he was feelin a little greasy and his eau de dog scent was a little too strong if you get my drift.  We soaped him up and hosed him off in the backyard.  He was thrilled. 

There aren’t a whole lot of things Rusty dislikes, but baths are one of them, along with walking on top of sewer grates, rain, and the mailman.  Brandon and I always crack up when we’re finished bathing him and he immediately licks himself for like fifteen minutes.  

The rest of our Sunday was spent running errands and grilling out!  I love grilling in the summer time.  Brandon picked up filets at Costco and I prepped a salad and fresh corn.

No better way to end a fun filled weekend!  I hope you all have a great Monday–I’m getting my hair done this afternoon and am super excited, it’s been long overdue!

Share your weekend highlights!

How long does it take you to feel like you’ve gotten your groove back after a running break?

Favorite summer dishes/foods to grill?

WIAW+Summer Break Mode

Happy hump day!!  I’m super excited since my summer break has started–I’m off until the first week of July, and then will have four day work weeks until school starts back in August.  I can’t wait to have Friday’s off! 

I’ve been enjoying the time with my parents while they’re in DC and relaxing.  Yesterday I took a two hour nap and it was glorious.  I heart summer vacation–it gives me the time I need to reset my batteries before the kids return!  

I’ve been having some yummy meals too with my parents in town!  Which leads me to this weeks WIAW post!  


I was able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast after a trip to the gym.  Normally I have to rush home to shower and get ready.  I told Brandon to go ahead home without me and I’d walk home when I was done.  I did 20 minutes of intervals on the elliptical plus lower body and core work, then about a 15 minute walk home.  Since I focused on strength training, I refueled with a protein smoothie!

Sorry it’s almost gone, I was hungry!  I blended frozen strawberries, spinach, 1/4 avocado, almond milk and Sunwarrior protein.  

After breakfast, my momma and I headed to Costco to get some essentials.  Actually, Brandon asked if I could pick up some things.  He loves when I’m on summer break too because he can leave me a to-do list (barf)!  I picked up a bag of dark chocolate mango to try!

So good!  I had a few pieces along with a Fage yogurt flip as a mid-morning snack.

Lunch was all about leftovers!  I combined mixed greens with a leftover piece of teriyaki salmon, dried cherries, fresh mozzarella and cashews, topped with honey thyme balsamic dressing from TJ’s.

I love fresh mozzarella but almost never buy it.  Probably because I’d eat it in like a day.  Story of my life.


Brandon and I treated my parents to dinner at Montmartre, our favorite local French restaurant in Eastern market.  I love it so much–it’s cozy, has a great vibe, and the food is always good.  I had lamb loin with a carrot harissa purée, bok choy, and shiitake mushrooms.

Lamb is by far my favorite meat.  I never make it for myself but love ordering it when we’re out.  This dish was so good and not heavy at all.  

Not pictured: the two bottles of wine we had and the cup of gelato I had for dessert.  I ate/drank those too fast.  Shocker.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!  My momma and I are off to West Virginia to visit family friends overnight!

What’s something you never make for yourself but love ordering when you’re out?

Anyone else on summer break mode?!

Fun with Deb+Weekend Wrap-Up

Hello & happy Monday to you!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend relaxing and celebrating Father’s Day.  I had so much fun spending Saturday with my momma–we practically ate our way through DC!

Saturday morning, I headed out for a 4 mile run, but this run was extra fun since I had Brandon by my side!

It was warm out but dry and gorgeous.  Brandon said he enjoyed it and wants to be my running buddy more often!  I cooled off after my run with one of the best fruits ever.

I love cold watermelon after a hot run–so refreshing!  We sat on the porch for a bit with Rusty to cool off, and an ambulance passed near our street.  Brandon captured him mid-howl!

He’s so stinkin cute.  In case you aren’t convinced, here’s a pic of him as Joe Cool.

He cracks me up!  After showering, my momma and I headed to Eastern Market, a local flea/food market a few blocks away.  I love all the fresh flowers they have out.

We decided to grab a light lunch at Senarts, the oyster place nearby.  You know what pairs perfectly with oysters?  Grapefruit crushes!!!

Deb is a huge fan of the grapefruit crush.  If you ever want to come visit DC, I’ll take you and convert you too!

We ended lunch on a sweet note with some beniengts.

Look at that fried dough/powdered sugar combo!  So good.  We had a great mother/daughter day.

That evening, I cooked my dad (technically my stepdad) an early Father’s Day dinner since I knew I’d be gone part of Sunday visiting my dad in Maryland.  I made cashew salmon, roasted asparagus, fresh corn, and picked up a loaf of cranberry bread from a local bakery.

It got rave reviews all around.  I’m so glad I was able to treat him to a delicious meal to show how important he is to me.  

We were up early Sunday morning, and I made a quick smoothie with frozen strawberries, protein powder, avocado and almond milk before heading to Trader Joe’s with Deb!

Yum yum.  There’s nothing better than smoothies for breakfast in the summer.

We didn’t have a ton of time at TJ’s since I needed to hit the road, but my mom picked me up this dip to try.  She raved about it and insisted I try it.  No need to pull my arm!

Oh Mylanta.  This stuff is dangerous.  It has cream cheese and Greek yogurt in it and is freaking delicious with some pita chips.  Get some next time you’re at TJ’s!

After TJ’s, I headed to Maryland to see my dad for Father’s Day.

I treated him to lunch at his favorite Italian place.  It was nice to spend some time with him and catch up.

Sunday evening, my momma cooked the best dinner ever–soft shell crabs, corn, mushrooms, and caprese salad!

OMG so good.  I love soft shell crabs but never make them for myself so I was super excited my momma made them!

I spent the rest of my Sunday prepping for my last two days of work (eek!) and relaxing with Brandon.  Best way to end a fun weekend!  With a glass of wine too, duh.

Hope you all have fabulous Monday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Are you a soft shell crab fan? Brandon gets weirded out by the legs!

Do you enjoy running with your significant other?

Friday Faves+Some Thoughts

I can’t believe today completes my last full week of work with the kids!  I’m excited for my summer work schedule to start (I have Fridays off!), but I’m really really going to miss my 8th graders.  We had a great bunch of kids and while I’m happy they’re moving on to bigger and better things, I’m going to miss seeing their faces in the morning.

Before I jump into things I’m diggin,’ I wanted to share some thoughts I’d been having ever since the Orlando shootings.


I read the craziest article in the Washington Post the other day and it infuriated me.  I cannot for the life of me imagine someone praising this massacre and saying the only tragedy is that more were not killed.  Let me be clear: I totally understand and respect the fact that not everyone has the same opinions I have when it comes to sexual orientation, religion and politics; however, what I can’t understand is someone who supports killing others based on their sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, etc.  I may not always understand people who are the opposite end of the political spectrum as I am, but I would never in a million years say that because we have different beliefs that those people should be killed.

The shootings in Orlando hit close to home for me because I have close friends and family who are gay.  I love and support them and can’t imagine what life must be like living in fear of people possibly attacking you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity. Or any reason you’re different from someone else, for that matter. It terrifies me to the core that this could’ve happened to someone I love and know.  It’s also difficult because I work with middle schoolers, some of which question their own orientation and identity, and I can’t imagine the message they receive when something like this happens or when they hear about some idiot saying people like them should die.  I keep hoping at some point we will live in a place where we practice what we preach to our students: that it’s okay to be ‘different’ and love knows no boundaries.

Rant over!  Now onto the fun stuff–some things I’m loving!

1. Curate Bars.  I picked up a box of these bars when I was at Target Monday (which is not what I went to Target for, but do you ever actually leave Target with only the items on your list??) and I love them.  They’re a great afternoon snack when my sweet tooth craving hits and have 7g of protein so they help keep me satiated.  I want to try the dark chocolate hazelnut bars too!

2. Mom time!  Fun fact: my parents are in D.C.!  They drove up from Florida Monday evening and I’m so excited to spend time with them.  Wednesday evening, my mom and I went to a red wine class at a local wine store in Eastern Market and it was so fun!  What better way to mother/daughter bond than with some wine and cheese?

3. Rusty Pup.  By know you should know of my love for our lab/basset mix, Rusty.  He is the sweetest pup in all the land and the best snuggler.  Rusty is such a great companion, especially when Brandon is traveling.  Also, I love singing to him–please tell me I’m not the only crazy dog mom who does this!

4. Self Magazine Article.  I read this article the other day and I love love love it.  I talked before about why Brandon and I likely will not have children and this article from Self just summed up exactly how I feel about it.  I love how the writer states that although she and her husband love to travel and sometimes sleep late on weekends, those are certainly not the reasons why they’re happy although many couples with children may think that. Marriage is work just as much as being a parent is work; it’s just about choosing what is right for you as a couple.  Great read!

I hope you all have an awesome weekend!  My mom and I are planning to peruse Eastern Market on Saturday and I’m going to see my dad Sunday for Father’s Day–should be fun!

What’s on your weekend agenda?!

Pet owners–do you sing or do anything crazy with your pets??


Winery Fun+Power Outage

I am not happy.  Like, I am legit frustrated and crabby.  My weekend started off awesome and then Sunday night, the power decided to go out and it hasn’t fully come back on.  I’m over cold showers, not being able to dry my hair, and having my AC go in and out.  The stupid power outage is also why I was late with my Monday post, so cut me some slack! 😉

Saturday morning I decided to do a 3 mile run around my neighborhood before heading to Bull Run Winery in Virginia for my friends birthday.  It was already pretty muggy out by 7:00, but I was just happy to be outside and not stuck on the elliptical!  You can tell how hot it was outside by the sweaty hand pic, ha!

I know it’s going to take a little time to get my pace back to where it used to be, especially now with the temps rising.  I would much rather run in freezing temps than humidity!  After I took my (hot) shower, I refueled with a mixture of cottage cheese and a Fage carrot ginger yogurt (SO GOOD!) topped with blueberries and pistachios.  Hit the spot!

And yes I ate it straight out of the container.  Less dirty dishes!  I wanted something cold but didn’t have all my smoothie ingredients, so that worked out perfectly. I also need to hop back on the overnight oats train!  Love that stuff, I just always forget to make it ahead of time!  As I said, I headed to Bull Run Winery for a birthday get together that afternoon and it was so much fun!  The scenery was beautiful and everyone had fun, despite the blazing temps!

They had some delicious wines and we picnicked outside in the shade with cheese and crackers, fruit, and hummus.  FYI bringing food and bottles of water is always a good call when spending the day at a winery.  Hydrate or die!

Saturday evening, one of my work BFF’s came to DC and we had a little girls night out dancing!

Note to self: Maybe it’s not the best idea to go out after spending all day at a winery.  You may not feel your best the next morning.  We decided to hit up Matchbox for brunch, and I polished off a pizza with chicken, portobello mushrooms and roasted red peppers.  So good!  Also, you know I’m really not feelin’ it when I don’t order a mimosa!

I spent the rest of my Sunday doing some laundry and lounging on the sofa.  Good thing I did laundry during the day, because the power cut off that night and I can’t use my washer/dryer, stove, or microwave.  Or take a hot shower!!!!!  Hopefully my power is restored by my next post, otherwise I may lose my mind!

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Longest you’ve had to go without power? Best way to keep yourself entertained?!

Are you an overnight oats fan?  Fave recipe?