Weekend Wrap-Up+Half Marathon Training, Week 3

What a gorgeous weekend in D.C.! I heart spring weather so much.  Well, minus the pollen.  I could do without that. 

First, I want to back up really quick to Friday afternoon.  We had an awards ceremony at my staff meeting, where all of the school psychologists nominated someone from their school as recognition for being an amazing educator.  I chose a good friend of mine, but not because she’s my friend, but because she loves our students with everything, even when they’re pushing buttons.  I had some of our students write about why she’s so great, and got her to shed some tears.  That doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but she’s from New York and doesn’t cry often!  I was so happy to give her the award. 

Ok, back to the weekend!  Saturday morning, I woke up before 6:00 and prepped for my 10 mile run, which Laura wanted me to do at an easy pace.  Here’s my prep:

Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread, almond butter, and honey.  Plus some tropical flavored Nuun and a Gu.  I decided to nix the coffee since I had tummy troubles last weekend.  My stomach definitely felt better this time without it, but I still got some pains/cramping–maybe it’s the almond butter? 

It was overcast but humid during my run, so I was glad I had Nuun with me.  I was a sweaty mess like two miles in!  I ran all my miles between a 10:00-10:40/mile pace, so nice and easy.  My legs were still a little heavy from strength training, but they relaxed as my run progressed.  And I finished before the downpour started!

My bud Andy was in the area for work Saturday morning, so we met up after my run for brunch.  I had Greek yogurt with fruit and granola, plus a side of bacon and toasted ciabatta.

I don’t eat bacon often, but I freaking love it.  Give me real bacon over turkey bacon any day!

After brunch I did a bit of house cleaning and laundry, then headed out to the Navy Yard area for drinks/dinner with some girlfriends!  I figured I earned my two glasses of wine plus tacos, plantains, and guac after my ten miler.

I love soft tacos (especially corn tortillas) over hard tacos any day.  

I passed out by 10:00 Saturday night–I’m such a granny when I don’t get my afternoon nap in!

I was up around 7:00 on Sunday but didn’t get out of bed until closer to 7:30.  My training plan called for 40 minutes of cross training but it was so nice outside that I didn’t feel like being stuck inside the gym, so I leashed up Rusty for a nice long morning walk!

He had a great time sniffing everything in sight and meeting new friends.

He’s such a little sassafras too–after we got home, he sat by the back door begging to lay in the yard.  Seriously?!  You were just outside!  

After letting him back out (I’m a sucker), I made my beloved protein oatmeal.

PS have you tried the MaraNatha dark chocolate almond spread?  It tastes like brownie batter!

I stocked up on items for lunches/dinner this week at my fave store.

And I didn’t buy any treats!!  Crazy, I know.  

I spent the rest of my Sunday enjoying some sun on the deck, napping, and taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath.

And now to recap week 3 of training!

Monday: 3 miles easy+hip strengthening and core work.

Tuesday: Speed work! 1 mile w/u, 4 miles tempo, 1/2 mile c/d.  My first tempo mile was slightly over at 9:23, but the rest were at or faster than goal pace! #crushedit. 

Wednesday: 3 miles easy.

Thursday: 5 miles easy+strength training.  Also included some hill work but still kept it at an easy pace.  

Friday: Rest day–much welcomed!

Saturday: 10 miles at an easy pace.  Foam rolled and stretched after. 

Sunday: Long morning walk with Rusty pup!

Total Weekly Mileage: 26.5 miles. 

Share your weekend highlights!

Any suggestions for the almond butter pre-run? Should I just try honey or jam? 


9 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up+Half Marathon Training, Week 3

    • bubblyrunner says:

      Yeah I think I’m going to try a combo of jam and honey and see how that works. I love almond butter but I’m thinking the fats just aren’t sitting right in my stomach pre-long run! Thanks for the suggestion!


  1. The Cookie ChRUNicles says:

    omg it was so humid on Saturday! great job on your workouts! the pre run meal is so trial and error — you may want to try eating less almond butter, or, skipping it to see what happens. Although, without it you may be hungry. Ugh, so hard to narrow down what works best for each person!


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Yeah I think I’m going to skip it and just do a combo of honey/jam, but also add a banana for some more oomph. If that doesn’t work I may have to skip the sprouted grain bread, which I hate the thought of, but I’d rather have no tummy troubles!


  2. thisrunnersrecipes says:

    Another great week of training! 🙂 Rusty is so adorable – I bet he and Charlie would get along so well, Charlie loves to meet other dogs. I used to do PB on my toast before runs but didn’t always agree with me, switched to just honey and then added a banana to keep the calories the same and add potassium. My stomach is sensitive and it really helps to save the fat for after a run 🙂 And always yes to real bacon over turkey bacon!


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Oh I bet he’d love Charlie! Rusty loves little dogs. I’m going to do the jam/honey combo with a banana this weekend and see how it goes. My stomach is sensitive too, but I’m glad I’m testing things out now so I know what to do on race day!


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Haha most people think I’m a teacher! I think a lot of people have never heard of a school psychologist before either–I don’t remember them when I was in school! It’s great though because I get to hang out with kids but don’t have to worry about lessons plans or any of that stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

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