Half Marathon Training Recap, Week 9

I was debating about even writing this post at all, because this particular week of training didn’t end on the best note.  But, I decided to still share, because all runners have bad days–or even weeks.  I wanted to show that, despite this injury, I’m going to give this race my all and not let this setback ruin me.  If I have to go back and modify my goal for this race I will, but I’m definitely not going to give up.

I’m excited to share these posts with you guys, because not only does it hold me accountable, it also helps me to recognize areas to improve upon and provides a great visual to see how I’m progressing.  Here’s a summary of week 9:

Monday: 30 minutes elliptical plus lower body and core strength training.  I focused on doing exercises like leg lifts, deadlifts, and clamshells to strengthen my legs and hips.  My knee was feeling fine this day.

Tuesday: 5 mile easy run.  I was so happy to be outside!  I forgot to take my phone with me to take pics, but I ran along the Capitol and Navy Yard area along the water.  My knee felt pretty good, but I definitely felt it when I had to stop for traffic and then start back up again.  Looking back, this should’ve been the day I decided to rest and call my PT.  But I’m a Taurus and I’m stubborn, what can I say.

Wednesday: 45 minute tempo run.  I love speed work!  Unfortunately, my knee didn’t.  I could feel the naggi-ness of it (I know that’s not a word, but I wasn’t feeling actual pain) but felt it more so when I stopped.  However, I still had a great run and covered just under 5 miles.  Overall average pace 9:09/mile.  I also squeezed in upper body/core strength training.


Thursday: 5 miles at GHMP.  Again, I never felt pain so intense that I couldn’t move or anything like that, but more of a dull annoyance on the inside of my knee.  I still successfully completed my run, but as I’m typing this up, I’m pretending to hit my head–I mean hello my body is repeatedly trying to tell me something is wrong and I refuse to listen.  I gotta get it together!  Average pace for this run was 9:09/mile.


FYI my shoes are snazzy.

Friday: Rest day.  I foam rolled and iced several times to try and work out knots around my knee/hamstring.

Saturday:  Long run day.  I had an 11 miler on my agenda, but stopped at ten.  However, the positives from this run were: the weather, the sights, I figured out my fueling, and I felt strong during the first 5-6 miles before my knee decided to act up.  Again, I could still run on it for sure, but it felt like I couldn’t get a full range of motion in my left leg.  Rather than let my stubbornness win, I told myself enough was enough and called it quits at mile ten.  My overall pace was around a 9:40ish mile.


Sunday:  I knew better than to attempt an easy run and had a second rest day for the week.  I can’t even tell you how much I beat myself up about missing a training run, but I know it was necessary.  However, I remembered what Courtney said when she had knee pain–missing a few training runs won’t ruin my race but an untreated injury definitely could.  I iced, foam rolled, stretched, and scheduled a PT appointment for the following week!

Reflections from Week 9:

  • Obviously I’m bummed and feeling discouraged.  However, I had really great success with my PT during my first half marathon when I suffered from tendonitis in my foot due to super tight calves.  They used the Graston technique and it worked like a charm, so I’m really hoping it will work again for my hamstring/knee.
  • I was still able to run Saturday, even if it was cut short by a mile.  This gives me more hope that with the help of PT and some extra rest days, I’ll be able to run the race.
  • It’s ok to adjust race goals.  Yes I want to run a sub 2:00 half so bad, but being able to complete 13.1 miles is a feat in itself, and I need to remember that.



9 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Recap, Week 9

  1. Sam @ See Sam Run says:

    Great week of training! I know how you feel with the injury that still lets you run but not at your best. I think you were smart to take Sunday off and schedule some PT! I’m too stubborn to have done that yet…we are both super similar in that way! I hope the PT helps you. If not, you know you CAN do the race, even if it may not be at the pace you hoped for.


  2. Lauren says:

    How are you feeling this week?!?!? I hope your knee is feeling better. Hang in there, you’re doing great! I know how frustrating it is, but you’re a tough cookie and you’re doing so good with your training! You’re going to kick butt no matter what 🙂


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Ugh, it’s still a doozy. I’m going to wear my brace and try for an easy, shorter run Saturday and I scheduled another PT appointment Monday after work. I may just change my goal to finishing rather than specific time, but that’s okay. Hoping my race in May will be better!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica says:

    Hi! I feel like I was meant to find your blog today. I am struggling with peroneal tendinitis and planned to start training next Monday for my next half. I clicked over here from your comment on Eat Pray Run. I was hoping to sub-2:00 at my June half but I am trying to remind myself that it’s more important to heal properly and work on my hip strength etc, and there will be more races and more time goals.


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Oh no, sorry to hear that! I actually had peroneal tendonitis while training for my first half, and I remember it being such a doozy. The culprit behind mine was super tight calves, and I went to a sports PT/chiro where they used the Graston technique. It hurt like hell, but it worked out all the knots in my calf and my foot/ankle felt much better. And I hear you–I wanted to sub 2:00 for my half next Sunday, but I need to be realistic. I have another half in May, so I want to make sure I’m healthy for that! Good luck!


      • Jessica says:

        Oh my gosh! I felt like a total wuss for going straight for PT instead of trying to let it go away on its own but I can barely walk. So I started a few days ago, and I do have tight runner’s calves but she thinks it’s my hips causing it so I am doing clamshells and all those annoying things. Good luck to you!


  4. glittergirl08 says:

    When you keep going and write about the bad days (as well as the good) it is amazing to get to the other side and read back on them.

    I know when I was training for a half last year I had a niggly knee and it drove me bonkers. I ended up relieving mine when I realised it was being caused by really tight calves. Lots of stretching and rolling in that area.

    I like your Monday routine that looks like great variety, I need to add more sessions like that into my week. I just linked your blog because I ate hot chocolate oats this morning and it was delish (thanks for the idea :)).


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