Weekend Wrap-Up+Snowzilla

Happy snowy Monday to you!  Well, it’s still a winter wonderland in D.C. at least.  So much so, that schools are off today which means I get to enjoy a long weekend!  One of the things I love about living in D.C. is that even if we get hit by a snowstorm, you can still venture out in the city and find some restaurants/bars that are open, reducing feelings of cabin fever and wanting to rip your hair out.

Typically, I do my long runs on Saturday but that definitely was not happening this weekend, so I bumped it up to Friday morning (our offices closed at noon for staff that needed to go in and grab work, but I got everything Thursday).  I knocked out my 7 miler on the treadmill–mentally tough, but I got it done!


I ate my usual cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with an espresso shot beforehand, and overall I felt really good.  Right now, I’m struggling with the whole ‘long run pace’ thing–should I run my long runs the entire time at my goal pace, or slightly slower?

After a lunch date with a girlfriend, I got home right as the snow was starting to fall.


It wasn’t heavy at first but was coming down steadily.  Brandon and I hunkered down for the night with wine and Rusty pup.  The forecast was calling for 20-30 inches of snow! Cray.


We typically don’t let Rusty on the sofa, but snow storms call for snuggle time.


I love how he took up the majority of the love seat.  Saturday morning, we woke up to a winter wonderland.


We must’ve had at least 15 inches of snow that morning, and the snow continued to fall until 9:00 or so that night.  I don’t know about everyone else, but in my mind snow storms call for mimosas.  Plus it was Saturday anyway, so double duh to that.


Don’t worry, I balanced it out by having protein oatmeal, so my day wasn’t totally unhealthy.


I made it extra chocolate-y by adding a dollop of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter on top.  #Win.  Brandon and I decided to venture out to Barracks Row Saturday evening to grab some dinner and drinks.  Barracks Row is normally a happenin’ spot on the weekends, but this weekend was a little different.


It was so quiet and peaceful out!


We hit up Lola’s, a local bar, and I ordered a chicken cobb salad and had a vodka soda.  Wild!


It was nice to get out of the house for a bit.  We spent the remainder of our evening having some champagne and watching Spectre.

Sunday morning, I found out our gym was opening at 9:00, so I packed up my duffel bag and trekked 10 blocks to get my 3 mile recovery run in.  Check out how dead the streets were!


I felt pretty proud of myself for making the walk over to get my run in.  I’m really trying to stick to my training plan as much as possible–I want to crush this half marathon!  After the gym, I met up with Brandon at Ted’s for brunch.  Love that place.  We shared an order of cheddar grits to start.


Clearly Brandon was not trying to wait for me to finish taking the picture before digging in.  I mean I can’t blame him, their grits are pretty bangin.’  I ordered a veggie egg white omelette with a side of fruit and a biscuit, along with a soy chai latte.


So good!  They also have amazing homemade pop tarts, and we got two to go–chocolate peppermint and strawberry.  Snow days call for extra treats in my book.

I spent the rest of the day doing a little work, watching football, and gearing up for week four of training.  Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Anyone else get hit by Jonas? How do you survive cabin fever during a snow storm?

Do you run your long runs at goal pace, or slightly slower?

How many extra mimosas are allowed during a snow storm?!


14 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up+Snowzilla

  1. Margaret @ youngandrungry says:

    That is SO much snow I can’t even imagine! We got like less than an inch and it didn’t stick on the roads, but Memphis as a city was pretty much closed down that whole day anyways. So pathetic! I’m proud of you for still getting your runs in! I would be the same with the cabin fever I would go crazy if restaurants weren’t open!


  2. Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog says:

    Wow, you guys got SO much snow! How cool though, to venture out in it one the quiet streets. Such a difference I would imagine from what it usually is. Great job sticking to your training plan! That’s what will get you to your sub 2 hour! At the beginning of training I try not to put too much stress on hitting GRP but as mileage increases for long runs, I work towards keeping things consistent at GRP. I believe you have to train at this pace to keep it up on race day!


    • bubblyrunner says:

      It’s crazy how much snow we got! I’m just fortunate we live in the city and can venture out–I can’t imagine being stuck inside for days! Your thoughts on the long run pace make sense–I’m going to gradually work on it, but still allow a warm-up and gradually pick up the pace.


  3. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine says:

    It’s weird now that we live in the suburbs for this snowstorm- for the last 5 years I was living downtown and could easily get out and about if needed! Now there is nowhere within walking distance. Good for you walking that far in the sow to get your run in!


    • bubblyrunner says:

      My friends in the ‘burbs were texting me over the weekend complaining of cabin fever, so I feel lucky we were able to get out! Plus, so many places have snow storm specials, so extra motivation to leave the house!


  4. bucketlisttummy says:

    I definitely get cabin fever for staying in too long – especially when I haven’t gotten my run in! And being snowed in sounds like no better reason to happily and mindlessly enjoy some champagne.


  5. Lauren says:

    Um homemade pop tarts?!!! It’s funny you say that because last weekend I bought a box of pop tarts as blizzard food! ha. And you’re totally going to crush this half, you’re kicking such butt on your training!!!


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