It’s Christmas Party Season!

Hi there!  I hope you guys had a great weekend–we’re certainly getting in the Christmas spirit with all of the holiday parties we have going on!  I freaking love Christmas season.


Seriously. Don’t sing over Mariah.

I’m a little bummed since Brandon flew out Sunday afternoon for New Orleans, but we had a really fun weekend together.

Saturday: I woke up around 6:15ish and got ready to head out to one of my fave spots, the Mt. Vernon trail, for a run.  First I needed some fuel in my belly!


I’ve really been digging having cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with Justin’s vanilla almond butter and a shot of espresso.  A full cup o’ joe is too much, and the toast with almond butter is just enough to stop my tummy from grumbling but not too much that I feel stuffed before I run.

I set out aiming for anywhere between 6-7 miles.  Can I just say how much I heart D.C.?  I mean seriously, these are the views I get to take in on my weekend runs.


No filter needed!  I was hoping to get closer to 7 miles, but it was starting to get really congested with the event going on at Arlington Memorial Cemetery, so I turned around a little earlier than I anticipated but still had a great run!


6.3 miles @ 9:32 average pace.  Still have work to do, but I felt great!  Also, can we talk about how last Saturday I was wearing every piece of my winter running gear, and this weekend I was only rocking capris and a long sleeve top?!  That’s cray.

After my run I refueled with my favorite–a green protein smoothie!  I added frozen mango and 1/2 of a frozen banana along with spinach, protein powder, and cashew milk.


And a shot of tart cherry juice.  I’m such a rebel taking shots at 9:00 am!

I cleaned, did laundry, and went grocery shopping on Saturday so I wouldn’t have to worry about anything Sunday after getting home from a Christmas party.  I also made a really freaking yummy sandwich for lunch.


A flat-out wrap with spinach, hummus, and egg whites with 1 egg and Sriracha!  I inhaled that bad boy.  And also had a chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe cookie.  Balance right?

Saturday evening, Brandon and I headed to Baltimore for our friends Chris and Marisa’s Christmas party.


I hadn’t seen Marisa in forever and I missed her!


She’s super bubbly and a ton of fun!  It was nice seeing and catching up with people we haven’t gotten a chance to hang out with in a while.


Chris and Marisa were throwing a Bad Santa Christmas party, where people were asked to bring Bad Santa-esque gifts–basically, something crappy.  Marisa asked me to just draw for her and keep whatever I picked.  I ended up with a bojack horse head, a packet of Oriental flavored Ramen (best kind!), a packet of hot chocolate, and some unmentionable items ha!  The horse head is pretty sweet!


I will totally be rocking that thing at future parties.  And saving that packet of Ramen for a struggle bus Sunday!  Needless to say, we had a blast Saturday night.

Sunday: Brandon and I had a free breakfast included at our hotel stay, so we took advantage of that before hitting the road back to D.C.  I opted for the high protein breakfast with an egg white omelet and turkey sausage, while Brandon went for the Nutella french toast.  Please believe I stole a couple bites from his plate.  It always tastes better when it’s not yours!

My cousin doggy sat for us Saturday night, and she sent me this pic of Rusty and their pup Mia Sunday morning.


They have a security camera to keep an eye on Mia, and I guess after they left for the morning Rusty helped himself to their couch.  He’s so naughty!


He checked to make sure his cousin was okay too!

I also prepped some crock pot chicken taco chili for the week!  The remainder of my Sunday was spent watching the Packers game & catching up on Narcos.  I’ve been loving that show so far!  Hope you guys have a great Monday 🙂

Share your weekend highlights!

Best/worst white elephant Christmas gift you’ve received?




13 thoughts on “It’s Christmas Party Season!

  1. margaretmolteni says:

    Woah New Orleans is a far way from DC! But I love that city. I’m enjoying Christmas party season myself, but I haven’t had a white elephant gift in a while. I think my most recent bad one was a $4 bottle of strawberry wine. So gross!


  2. Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog says:

    Love Christmas parties! Lots of fun! Nice work on your run and those views, wow! My sisters, dad, our husbands and I do a white elephant each year and one year my older sister wrapped up her pick boom box circa 1990 and it was a hit, lol. What a blast from the past. Highlight of my weekend was celebrating my step-son’s birthday and running with my Oiselle team. Have a great Monday!


  3. bucketlisttummy says:

    Your pre-run fuel looks alot like mine 🙂 Shot of espresso – a must! Helps get the muscles movin’. Tart cherry juice – Is it a recovery thing? The weather this weekend was so warm!! I don’t know if its here to stay though 😦


  4. Amelia says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog! I’m local (newly located in Fredericksburg) and am just getting started in the blogging community. I love your day-to-day posts. So much fun!


  5. Lauren says:

    I was going to tell you that getting up at 6:15 on a Saturday to go run is so beyond crazy, and then I realized that that was my life all during marathon training [insert monkey covering his eyes emoji]. Looks like you had a super peaceful and enjoyable run though! And yay for all the holiday parties. It is such a fun time. Can’t believe the weather though, but I will take it!


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