A Great Run, A Concert, and We’re Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

Yay for Mondays!  Sike.


Even though I’m less than psyched it’s Monday, I had an awesome weekend!  Let’s backtrack:

Saturday: I woke up around 6:15 and prepped for my morning run on the Mt. Vernon trail.


A shot of espresso, lemon lime cocogo, and a banana with a little Justin’s vanilla almond butter (not pictured because I shoved it in my mouth in 0.3 seconds).

The weather was perfect for running–little to no wind, upper 30’s, and sunny.  I wore my favorite tights, a long sleeve top, my running vest, and a headband and gloves.  I ended up taking the gloves off about halfway through since my hands were getting a little too warm.  It’s been weeks since I’ve done anything over 4 miles, so I set my sights on logging 6.


I had such a great run that was much needed!  I worked on pushing myself, because I know if I want to improve and get faster I need to step out of my comfort zone.

I picked up some dirty chai lattes for Brandon and I, then had a date with my foam roller.


After rolling out the knots and thawing out in the hot shower, Brandon and I headed over to a local elementary school to pick out our Christmas tree!


I love the smell of Christmas trees!  Saturday evening, Brandon and I went to the Neon Trees concert in D.C. that was set up by his work.  It was so much fun!  I mean hello, free booze and heavy apps!  We met up with his coworker Megan and her husband–we actually went to Hawaii with them last September (Brandon and Megan went for work, Gio and I sipped cocktails poolside all day) and had so much fun hanging out.


Don’t worry, that’s Megan’s husband behind us.  Not a creepy random dude.


We all had a blast hanging out!


Gio and I joked that we were going to tell people we were in risk management, then that changed to us pretending we were Conrad and Paris Hilton, then just telling people we were in the mob.


Feel free to invite me to your work parties!  I’m a ton of fun!  Brandon’s work also throws a huge crab feast in May at the CEO’s house on the water, and Gio and I said we’re going to dress up as caterers and crash it, Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson style.  I crack myself up.

Sunday: I rode the struggle bus for a bit, but got my act together and made my favorite Sunday morning breakfast.


Protein oatmeal!  Man I love that stuff.  Are you impressed I remembered to take a pic before shoveling it down my throat?  You should be!

After stuffing my face, I headed to one of my favorite places–Trader Joe’s!


It was a madhouse in there.  I guess that’s what I get for waiting until 11:00 to leave the house.  I stocked up on some essentials and got ingredients to make a crock pot chicken curry dish for the week.  Recipe to come (if it’s yummy)!  I also picked up one of my favorite seasonal treats.


Peppermint Joe Joe’s!  You need to get these ASAP.  They’re so good they’ll make you wanna slap yo’ momma!

After running errands, Brandon and I decorated our tree!


We got our fancy lights from Costco–they’re LED lights and you can switch them from white lights, multi-colored, or have them alternate between the two.  This purchase was a lifesaver for our marriage because Brandon grew up with multi-colored lights and I always had white lights.  Now we can have both!  Thank you, Costco.

Once we finished decorating, we celebrated someone special’s birthday.


This sweet boy!  He turned seven on Sunday, so we had to spoil him, obvi.  He got extra treats this weekend, lots of belly rubs, and canned food for dinner!


Look at that anticipation on his face!  Of course we sang to him beforehand.

The rest of our Sunday was spent on the sofa watching football–just the way I like it!  I hope you guys survive Monday!

Share your weekend highlights!

White lights or multi-colored lights on a Christmas tree?

Do you celebrate your pets birthday?


9 thoughts on “A Great Run, A Concert, and We’re Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

  1. Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog says:

    Happy birthday to your pup! Love that you had a celebration for him. You know I celebrate Milo’s birthday too :-). You had such a fun weekend and I love Christmas decorating! I am also a white light lady. My mom buys us and B a hallmark ornament every year (and for me since I was a kid) so we have a lot of special ornaments and its fun to bring them out every year.

    What is in your protein oatmeal? Looks yummy! Have a great week!


  2. bubblyrunner says:

    Haha I figured you celebrated Milo’s birthday too! For the oatmeal, I just add my favorite brown rice protein powder (I use Sunwarrior), a spoonful of vanilla almond butter, cinnamon, and cocoa powder. Sometimes I’ll add additional mix ins like nuts or fruit!


  3. Margaret @ Youngandrungry says:

    I’m jealous of your pretty run on the Mt. Vernon Trail! It looked beautiful and like the perfect weather and conditions. And then hello Saturday night that’s no ordinary work party! We do multicolored lights and if I had a pet I would totally go big for their birthdays!


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