Weekend Wrap-Up!

Sorry this post is a little later than usual–with my parents in town and Brandon back home, I’m obviously trying to soak in as much time with them as I can!  I am so excited my momma is in D.C.!

Let’s jump into my weekend highlights!

Saturday:  I had my alarm set for 6:00, but I must’ve messed up the volume as I was dusting the day before, so I didn’t hear the alarm go off.  I woke up a little after 7:00 nice and refreshed, and decided to try out a new pre-run breakfast.


Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread with Justin’s almond butter, cinnamon, and espresso!  I have to say, it hit the spot and didn’t upset my stomach at all.  Also pictured: Honey Stinger chews and lemon lime cocogo.

I drove over to my usual long run spot, the Mt. Vernon trail, but they were doing construction on the parkway and I couldn’t get over to the parking lot.  I felt frustrated but didn’t want to let it ruin my run, so I just drove back home, parked the car, and decided to run around the city wherever I felt like going and just stop once I hit 8 miles.


You guys, I needed this 8 miler more than you know.  And it was awesome.  The weather was gorgeous and the sights were amazing.  I had my Garmin to get track of my pace and distance, but I just ran wherever I felt like going.  I ran past a bunch of museums and monuments, and ended it right by my favorite local coffee shop!


Lot 38 espresso!  They make the best soy dirty chai latte’s in all the land.  I also fueled up with a green smoothie post-run: 1/2 frozen banana, 1/4 avocado, spinach, almond milk, and protein powder.


I hurried and got ready since I was meeting my work BFF Erin in the afternoon.  She asked me to be her date to a wedding in Rehobeth (her fiancee couldn’t go), and of course I said yes!  We hit up Cracker Barrel for a late lunch before the ceremony at a state park on the beach.


Oh mylanta, why is Cracker Barrel so amazing?  We each had fried chicken tenders, sweet potato, and biscuits.  Not pictured: the slice of chocolate cake with chocolate icing I took to go and ate at like midnight.  I ain’t ashamed!

The ceremony was so cute and the couple is just adorable.  Erin and I took some pretty sunset pics by the beach too.



Since we had time to kill before the reception started, we found a cute little wine bar where we could warm up!


Red for me and white for her!  Not pictured: the 10 other glasses I had in addition to this.  Kidding!  It was slightly less than that.


We headed over to the reception, and the cocktail hour, food, and dancing was amazing!  They had raw oysters, belgian endive with duck confit, tuna tartare…and that was just for the cocktail hour!  The dinner buffet had salmon, crab cakes, chicken stuffed with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes, AND (bonus) a mashed potato and sweet potato bar with a ton of different toppings!


So good!  We spent the remainder of the night dancing to some sweet 90’s jams (Blackstreet and Montel Jordan what what!) and taking advantage of the selfie area with all of the props.


It never ceases to amaze me how much fun I am.  I’m seriously considering renting out my fun-ness for future weddings.

Sunday:  Erin and I were actually up pretty early Sunday, hit the road and grabbed breakfast at Royal Farms.  I had an English muffin with turkey sausage, egg whites, and pepper jack cheese (yes I know I said I was trying to avoid dairy).  Oh and a hashbrown, obvi.

Once I got back to D.C. I was greeted by the best bear hug by Brandon, and got to hang out with this fabulous lady.


Deb!  I love my momma!  We ran some errands, watched football, and then the four of us went to out to dinner at Montmartre, a wonderful local French restaurant in Eastern Market.  If you ever visit D.C., you have to try this place.  Half priced wine Sundays and Tuesdays!

I apologize in advance if my blog posts pop up a day late, but I’m trying to soak in as much time with my parents as I can!  I hope you all have a great Monday!

Share your weekend highlights!

Are you as obsessed with Cracker Barrel as I am?

Do you love showing off your dance moves as weddings?!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up!

  1. Angie @ Pace with Grace Blog says:

    What a fun weekend! Love that you went as your friends +1 and it looks Ike you had a great time! I am known to get out on the dance floor at weddings and it SO fun! I haven’t been to Cracker Barrel in so long but yes, its really good! Have a GREAT time with your parents!!


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