He Said, She Said


I had so much fun reading this post on one of my favorite blogs, Jen Chooses Joy, and I thought it would be fun for Brandon and I to do it!

Directions:  First answer the questions about yourself.  Then, without ANY prompting, ask your spouse, boyfriend, partner, etc…these questions about yourself and write down EXACTLY what they say.  Brandon’s answers to the questions are in bold.

1.  What is something your wife always says to you?  We both said I love you as our answer!

2.  What makes your wife happy?  Dead bugs.  Having a successful run! I also find it hilarious that Brandon answered ‘dead bugs.’  Why didn’t I think of that?!  

3.  What makes your wife sad?  Alive bugs.  Those ASPCA commercials.  They break my heart!

4.  How does your wife make you laugh?  By being super silly!  I do pretty good impressions/movie quotes.

5.  What was your wife like as a child?  Lovely little child.  I was tall, awkward, and dorky!

6.  How old is your wife?  I would never say.  31.

7.  How tall is your wife?  5’7″.  My license says 5’9″ but I think I’m shrinking!

8.  What is her favorite thing to do?  Watch Snapped, run, and drink champagne.  I love doing lots of things…running, cooking, spending time with friends/family,etc.  Brandon’s answer really nailed it though!

9.  If your wife became famous, what would it be for?  For being an amazing psychologist.  Helping others.

10.  What is your wife really good at?  Killing bugs, being understanding when it comes to my job, not nagging.  I’m a really good listener.

11.  What is your wife not very good at?  Parking.  Ha…I’m not good at parallel parking.

12.  What does your wife do for a job?  School Psychologist.  School psychologist.

13.  What is your wife’s favorite food?  Anything her Mom makes.  Who can choose one?!  I love Oreos, Mexican, Middle Eastern….  I hope my mom doesn’t read this!  Sorry mom, I do love all of your food!

14.  What makes you proud of your wife?  That she married me!  I think Brandon is proud of me when I do something that scares me (i.e., hiking on narrow, high trails in Montana when I’m afraid of heights).

15.  If your wife was a TV or movie character, who would she be?  She would prefer to be a Kardashian.  I would love to be Cameran from Southern Charmed.  I asked him to clarify his answer on which Kardashian, but I think he just picked a show I always watch, ha!

16.  What do you and your wife do together?  Sleep, drink, eat, hike, spend time with friends.  Travel, try new restaurants, spend time with friends/family/Rusty, and laugh!

17.  How are you and your wife different?  I love spending time with friends, she is content with staying in for the evening and watching TV.  I’m more sensitive than Brandon is.

18.  How do you know your wife loves you?  She tells me EVERYDAY!  I tell him!  And fold his laundry and pack his lunches 🙂

19.  What does your wife like most about you?  That I look like Chris Pratt from Jurassic World, and that I do things she doesn’t like to do.  His sense of humor.  He knows how to make me laugh.

20.  Where is your wife’s favorite place to go?  Beaches, and anywhere with me.  Any place tropical where I can relax on the beach with a drink in my hand!


I hope you guys had fun reading our answers!  If you have a blog, feel free to do this post with your S.O. and let me know so I can check out your answers!

What TV/movie character would your spouse say you would be?

How are you and your S.O. different?


10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said

  1. Grace says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! It’s so funny to see where you guys differ. I love his Chris Pratt answer – that’s sooo something my boyfriend would say, haha!
    My boyfriend would also probably choose a show he knows I watch a lot and then compare me to them. Probably a TLC show.
    My boyfriend and I are different because he is super spontaneous and I have to go by the plan. Something we could both work on;)


    • bubblyrunner says:

      Haha I was giggling so much while I was typing that post. I definitely do NOT want to be a Kardashian, so I know he picked that just because I always watch the show (I love reality TV!). I am like you when it comes to following a plan/routine, and Brandon is more ‘go with the flow.’


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